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MSC Industrial Direct Co., Inc. Announces Strategic Partnership With Joe Gibbs Racing ThomasNet Industrial News Room (press release) - New York, NY, USA

New Vendor Managed Inventory Platform for Champion Laboratories Fleet Owner

Ward Manufacturing Selects Datalliance Vendor Managed Inventory Wall Street Journal MarketWatch

Visibility Plays a Key Role in Building a Responsive Supply Chain, Finds a New Research Study by Aberdeen Wall Street Journal MarketWatch

WIKA Instrument Corporation, Pressure & Temperature Measurement Instrumentation Leader, Selects Datalliance Vendor Managed Inventory Service Water Online

4-M Precision stamps out VMI plan in new location The Central New York Business Journal - Syracuse, NY, USA

Datalliance Leads Session on Financial Benefits of VMI MarketWatch - USA

5 Ways Business Intelligence Can Enhance Inventory Management Business Intelligence Network

3 Keys to Forging an Unbreakable Supply Chain Procurement Alert

Ten Ways to Reduce Inventory Costs The Supply chain Lab

Majestic Keeping Pace After Sale Sports Business Journal (subscription) - Charlotte,NC,USA

Haldex Saves Time and Effort with Datalliance VMI Wall Street Journal MarketWatch

Seven Reasons Why a Hosted Inventory Management Solution Might Be Right For Your Organization Silusas

Lithonia Lighting Selects Datalliance Vendor Managed Inventory NEMA The Association of Electrical and Medical Imaging Equipment Manufacturers

CPFR: Considering the Options, Advantages and Pitfalls Supply & Demand Chain Executive

Supply Chain Software: AMR Research Remains Bullish on Supply Chain Software Spend Supply Chain Digest

Demand-driven customer relationships IBM

Vendor Managed Inventory QuickMBA Website

What is Vendor Managed Inventory? 12MANAGE The Executive Fast Track Website

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI): Three Steps in Making It Work SCRC

Lean Manufacturing and the ERP Inventory kumiko

Supply Chain News: Predictions for 2008 from AMR Research Supply Chain Digest

Lean Manufacturing: Losing Weight Through VMI Shailesh Mishra

Six Steps to a Successful VMI System Shailesh Mishra

Small EMS Provider Faces the Same Strategic Sourcing Challenges as the Big Firms

Supply Chains Demand More Than ERP Videlity

High Tech Article Feature: Switched On (Supply Chain strategy for competitive business sector) Supply Chain Standard - London UK

Sourcing and Procurement: Understanding Supplier Price-Cost Management in Sourcing Supply Chain Digest

Special Report - Eaton Leverages Lead Logistics Providers Across Business Units - Newton, MA

Retail Supply Chain: In the Face of Tesco Invasion, Wal-Mart to Launch Smaller Store Formats Supply Chain Digest

Balancing Act - Optimizing Inventory Management for High Fill Rates, Turns, and Profits Means Adopting New Technologies - and a New way of Thinking Cover Story - July 2007 - Truck Parts & Service Magazine

Interview With Cabela CEO Dennis Highby Motley Fool - USA Web Site

Vendor-Managed Inventory: Size Matters By Traci Purdum

How to Solve Common Inventory Management Problems Related to Tooling by Bruce Weaver

Intelligent Logistics Or Just Good Old Common Sense? by Michael Stolarczyk, Expert Author

The JMS Guide Successful Vendor Vendor Inventory (VMI) Partnership Programs by Jim Seafort, Jada Management Systems

Playing well with others by Matt Bolch - The Manufacturer US

The Impact of Sarbanes-Oxley on Supply Chain Management by Robert J. Engel - Supply & Demand Chain Executive

"Revenues are Good, Costs are Bad" and Other Business Myths by Jonathan Byrnes - Working Knowledge

Choosing Software Wisely - The New Testament by Khalil Jada, Jada Management Systems LLC.

Six Steps to a Successful VMI System - Kelly Wright, SCRC

The rise of vendor managed inventory (VMI) by Christopher Roberts, director of marketing and research for the Electronics Supply Chain Association.

VMI: Promising Value for the Truck Parts Industry : by Datalliance

Theres more to it than just selling products - Effective Inventory

VMI Presentation, Book Fair - The Idea Logical Company

Global Brief - KPMG

VMI with School Supplies - Trade Press

What is VMI -  A White Paper on VMI,  by Carl Hall of Datalliance

Keys to Supply Chain Success - Mark Williams

Make VMI Work for You - Mark Williams

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