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EDI Transmissions Used

#852 - Product Activity - sent by the Distributor

Tells the manufacturer the distributor’s inventory level and product activity. The standard #852 only transmits a "change" since the previous transmission. An all item refresh sends every field for every item.

Main Fields:

  • Quantity Available (QA): Distributors Current Inventory Available
  • Stock Type (QA-reference segment): "P" = Managed, "N" = NonManaged
  • Quantity on Order (QP): The Distributors Backorder with the Manufacturer
  • Quantity Out of Stock (QO): Distributors Backorder to their End Customer
  • Quantity Sold (QS): Total Volume Sold since the last Transmission
  • Frequency(QS): Number of Sales that makeup the Total Volume

Other Fields:

  • Quantity Damaged (DG)
  • Quantity on Hold (HL)
  • Lost Sales (LS)
  • Planned Order Quantity (OQ)
  • Calculated Reorder Point (PO)
  • Quantity Committed (QC)
  • Additional Demand Quantity (QD)
  • Quantity in Transit (QI)
  • Minimum Inventory Quantity (QL)
  • Maximum Inventory Quantity (QM)
  • Quantity Received (QR)
  • Adjustment to Inventory Quantity (QT)
  • Quantity Returned by Customer (QU)
  • Quantity Transferred (QZ)

#850 - Purchase Order

Communicates the items to be ordered.

#855 - Purchase Order Acknowledgement – sent by the Manufacturer

Sent by the seller to the buyer to acknowledge an order.

#856/857 - Advanced Ship Notice - sent by the Manufacturer

Sent out right before the Shipment leaves the Manufacturer. It is a notice of the contents of the shipment and any additional information relating to the shipment.

#861 - Receipt Advice - Sent by the Distributor

Communicates what was actually received by the Distributor.

#810 - Invoice - sent by the Manufacturer

Electronic Billing.

#820 Payment/Remittance Advice - sent by the Distributor

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