Fall Newsletter 2007

The use of VMI has gained acceptance in many industries. What was once thought of as an experiment, has now become the preferred way of doing business.

This newsletter keeps you informed on the increasing growth of Vendor Managed Inventory. The recent news articles and press releases found within explore the innovation that is becoming the standard throughout the business world.

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Balancing Act - Optimizing Inventory Management for High Fill Rates, Turns, and Profits Means Adopting New Technologies - and a New way of Thinking
Cover Story - July 2007 - Truck Parts & Service Magazine
"Vendor Managed Inventory systems have brought greater automation and communication to the process, ultimately resulting in improved inventory management accuracy..."

High Tech Article Feature: Switched On (Supply Chain strategy for competitive business sector)
Supply Chain Standard - London UK
"We are doing a lot of work to optimize all our handling operations, using vendor managed inventory with suppliers and scaling up automation,"...

Sourcing and Procurement: Understanding Supplier Price-Cost Management in Sourcing
Supply Chain Digest
For example, think about implementing vendor or supplier managed inventory VMI programs or what I like to call SAMI--Supplier Assistance in Managing ...

Special Report - Eaton Leverages Lead Logistics Providers Across Business Units - Newton, MA
"Another area where the LLP model has helped produced synergy is in Eaton's global program. Like many global companies,...

Retail Supply Chain: In the Face of Tesco Invasion, Wal-Mart to Launch Smaller Store Formats
Supply Chain Digest
This article discusses the importance of continuous inventory replenishment programs for smaller footprint grocery stores. Wal-Mart will need to change supply chain and inventory practices in order to compete with new neighborhood markets to be opened by Tesco (successful European Grocery chain). Tesco is famous for its continuous replenishment program it uses in small footprint grocery stores in Europe.

Interview With Cabela CEO Dennis Highby
Motley Fool - USA Web Site
In 2007, we'll complete the installation of our warehouse management system in our retail stores, add additional vendors onto our inventory replenishment system...

Press Releases

September 2007
Haldex Selects Datalliance VMI Solution

June 2007
Velvac Selects Datalliance VMI Solution

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