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Winter Newsletter 2009

Welcome to the Winter Edition of the newsletter. Unveils New Web Site!
We are pleased to announce that our website has been re-designed to better serve the needs of the industry. In addition to the visually appealing design and color scheme, you’ll find the new site easier to navigate and more intuitive. We encourage you to visit the new site to see for yourself. We regularly update the site with new articles, press releases, etc. regarding VMI, so you’ll want to check back on a regular basis to see what is new. To visit the new site, go to

The use of VMI continues to gain acceptance and momentum across many industries. This newsletter keeps you informed on the increasing growth of Vendor Managed Inventory. The recent news articles and press releases found within explore the innovation that is becoming the standard throughout the business world.

As always, we welcome input on topics for future editions of this newsletter. Please feel free to contact us at with your ideas and suggestions. If you would like to advertise in or in the next edition of this newsletter please click here. We hope you enjoy the newsletter!

VMI Articles

The Bottom Line: Recession Opportunities

Jonathan Byrnes, MIT Senior Lecturer
In this article about how to use recessionary times to improve company profitability, author Jonathan Byrnes – Senior Lecturer at MIT, author of a monthly column in Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge e-newsletter, and a consultant to many large companies – identifies Vendor Managed Inventory as a key initiative that companies should consider in recessionary times when markets are down.

Berk-Tek and Graybar Featured in Electrical Wholesaling Article on Benefits of Vendor Managed Inventory

Electrical Wholesaling Magazine
Berk-Tek, and one of Berk-Tek's key distributors Graybar, were recently featured in Electrical Wholesaling magazine. The article, written by Executive Editor, Doug Chandler, discusses the evolution of VMI in the electrical industry and the benefits that both Berk-Tek and Graybar have received as a result of their Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) relationship.

Buyers Seek More than Promises (Continuous Inventory Replenishment) - Newton, MA, USA
… "exceptional delivery performance, unprompted inventory replenishment, and innovative material-consignment plans are additional elements of what set apart great from good suppliers." He also expects his superior suppliers to implement new performance-enhancing technologies in a timely manner. "This sets a high water mark by the great suppliers that the other suppliers have to work to attain."

Rising to the Challenge

Traffic World - Washington, DC, USA
To succeed in 2009, 3PLs must ensure their services are directly aligned with client goals and objectives. Reducing inventory carrying costs will be a priority for shippers this year, whether through Vendor Managed Inventory hubs, pool distribution programs, cross-docking or other means…

Unconventional Wisdom - North Olmsted, OH, USA
W“Two examples come to mind involving strategic business practices that have been highly effective in other industries and even have a substantial track record of success within the automotive aftermarket. My first example involves inventory management through a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI). Recently, I spoke with a heavy-duty distributor who implemented VMI. He has experienced increases of one to two turns and sales increases of 8 percent to 10 percent for every line he's put on VMI.”

VMI Press Releases/News

New VMI Platform for Champion Laboratories
According to the company, VMI increases collaboration between suppliers and their customers, as customers can electronically send daily sales and demand information rather than simply sending purchase orders, generating replenishment orders for the customer based on sales and demand activity. “We had talked internally about VMI being a value-added process that we should be entering into with our customers,” said Tom Cantwell, customer service manager. “We realized that this is something the industry was driving toward…

Ward Manufacturing Selects VMI Service
“From a sales and marketing perspective, we are anticipating traditional VMI benefits, including increased sales, reduced order errors, improved turns for our customers and expanded product penetration,” states Tibor Egervary, VP Marketing & Sales, Ward Manufacturing. “Just as importantly, I expect our Sales staff to use Datalliance VMI as a strategic tool to build partnerships with customers who value not only our products, but our support services as well. These are the customers who see VMI as a tool to help grow sales and improve their profitability.

Presidential Airways Awards Supply Chain Program to API
MEMPHIS, TN-- Aerospace Products International, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of First Aviation Services Inc. and a leading supplier of innovative distribution and supply chain services for the aviation industry, announces a long-term agreement with Presidential Airways. This Vendor Managed Inventory Program will allow Presidential Airways to consolidate its vendor base, reduce costs and improve material availability.

Elemica Client Wins Prestigious Manufacturing Award Based on Progressive Concept Project

IT News Online
Elemica, the industry-leading business process network for the external supply chain, announces that their client, Eka Chemicals, Inc., one of the world's leading manufacturers of bleaching and performance chemicals for the pulp and paper industry, recently won the prestigious Progressive Manufacturing Award (PM50) from Managing Automation magazine. Elemica's B2B platform provides connections to Eka's customers, automating paper-based processes for vendor managed inventory, optimizing the entire order process.

Wurth Service Supply, Leading Fastener Supplier, Selects Cutwater Performance Reporting Tool
Wurth is a major fastener distributor and a premier provider of Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) programs that reduce overall costs in the supply process. Cutwater software allows Wurth employees to quickly and easily use company data to meet day-to-day challenges that require immediate decisions, without requiring Information Technology (IT) support. Wurth can report on sales, inventories, purchase history and orders, at either summary or highly detailed levels.

Farley's & Sathers Candy Company to Use Park City Group VMI ...

Trading Markets - Los Angeles, CA, USA
Farley's & Sathers Candy Company, the fourth largest confections manufacturer in the US, is implementing Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI). VMI will support a strategic business initiative to improve customer service levels, improve order fill rates, reduce retail out-of-stocks and gain forward looking visibility to consumer demand.

Steady Growth in Vendor Managed Inventory for 2008

Datalliance, the leading independent supplier of Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) services, today announced 2008 fiscal growth statistics for its Datalliance VMI service. The Datalliance customer base grew by 32%, individual customer locations managed by Datalliance increased to 26,500 (36% increase), and total SKU’s managed by Datalliance increased to 10.2 million (14% increase).

Timken joins with Datalliance for Vendor Managed Inventory - North Olmsted, OH, USA
Datalliance has been selected by bearing maker Timken to support and expand the manufacturer's vendor managed inventory (VMI) system. “Datalliance was the obvious choice for our VMI program as they are the VMI leader in our industry,” adds Ziemianski. “We needed a proven approach that could be implemented quickly. The software-as-a-service model was important to us as we do not have the resources to implement VMI internally. It also allows us to accelerate our VMI implementation and start realizing the benefits in the shortest amount of time.”

Corporate United Announces New Three-Year Contract With Supplier ...

dBusinessNews Cleveland - Cleveland, OH, USA
Corporate United members achieve strategic account status with Fastenal, which affords them dedicated support aimed at finding more savings and efficiency. Members can take advantage of vendor-managed inventory, process mapping and point of use vending units to drive compliance and reduce consumption.

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